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Spanning the globe....Photo from the DN Gold Cup

4LIYC Racing Called ON!

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club racing is called on for the weekend of Febrary 6-7, 2016 on Lake Kegonsa. Ice checkers report over 14" of solid, smooth ice with no heaves or cracks. They said it is in better shape than the last time the club sailed on Kegonsa three weeks ago. Launch at the Quann landing. PLEASE do not block the launch or the bottom of the launch with your trailers. PLEASE respect the ice fishermen and other users of the lake!
I'm back from the DN Gold Cup and European Championship. I can't thank Geoff Sobering enough for taking the tiller in my absence. Congratulations to Karol Jablonski P36 who won his 10th Gold title and to Ron Sherry US44 who won the European Championship.

4LIYC Ice-Checking for Weekend Club Racing

4LIYC Chief-Judge Peter Fauerbach will be leading an ice-checking expedition on Lake Kegonsa from Springers at noon on Friday.
Any interested club members are welcome to help with the evaluation and decision.

Nite Nationals called ON for Pewaukee

From Nite Commodore Don Sanford: "Mark Prange and Bill Dale sailed the lake this morning and report a great surface, 'about a 9.' They report that even though the breeze was light (under 10), they had no trouble sailing due to the smooth, hard surface."
More details on the Nite Class website.

photo by Chad Rechcygl

Various News Items:
The Renegade regatta is postponed

Next update Sunday, February 7th.

Frozen Assets Festival and the Mary-B:

Volunteers are still needed to help with the Mary-B exhibit at the Frozen Assets Festival this weekend.
Please Sign up here.

Club meeting tonight at Angelo's.
Regatta News:
ISA, Northwest, and WSSA: Postponed

Next update Sunday, February 7th.


The IRIYA Championship regatta has been called on for the weekend of February 5th, 6th, and 7th in Madison, WI.
Currently there are regatta conditions on all Madison lakes with up to 14 inches of ice. A strong winter storm will pass through on Tuesday and could leave the area with several inches of snow. South central Wisconsin is right on the rain-snow line, so there is a possibility we could be looking at some decent conditions on Wednesday morning. Please check back Wednesday at noon for the next announcement.


Nite Nationals have been called ON for the the weekend of February 6 & 7, 2016.
Locations, in order of preference:

  • Pewaukee
  • Maiden Rock, WI (on Lake Pepin)
  • Fox Lake, IL

Things are a bit up in the air as we wait and watch for a big storm that's due to roll through Wisconsin on Tuesday.
Final confirmation will be announced on Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 at noon, CST.
Meanwhile, if you received a traveling trophy last year, please start looking for it.
Complete details and other updates are posted on the class website.

Lotsa News Today!
No 4LIYC Club Racing for the weekend of Jan. 30-31 (snow, 'nuff said...)
Mary-B Unveiling and Work-Party:

The Mary B unveiling will be 10:00am tomorrow (Saturday) at D. Anderson’s Madison Boathouse at 113 & HWY M
Beer and brats provided. Bring Chair and work gloves.

Mary-B Exhibition at the Frozen Assets Festival:

Help our crew of volunteers put her together, reintroduce her to Madison, and take her apart after the event.
Volunteers are needed every day from Feb 3-8.
You don't even need to be an iceboater!
Sign up here.

The Mary-B on her way back to Madison, 1/28/16 - photo by Peter Fauerbach

Finish Positions for Last Weekend's Races Are Here

Photo by Carrie Pok

Photo by Dave Elsmo of Lake Mendota

4LIYC Meeting Tonight

Please join us tonight at 6PM for the pizza and pasta buffet followed by the meeting at Angelo's Italian Restaurant in Monona. Tonight is the deadline Bylaws and Rules change submissions.
Jerry Simon and Tim McCormick will be submitting the following at tonight's meeting and will be voted upon at the business meeting on February 17, 2016.:
Racing Rules, Part I, Definitions: Replace with NIA Racing Rules Part I, Definitions
Racing Rules, Part II, Sailing Rules: Replace with NIA Racing Rules Part IV, Sailing Rules and make “Safety Zone” optional.
Racing Rules, Part III “Race Management”, Section D “Race Course”: Replace with NIA Racing Rules Part II, D: “Courses”
Racing Rules, Part III “Race Management”, Section E “Start”: Replace with NIA Racing Rules Part II, E: “Starting”
Racing Rules, Part III “Race Management”, Section F “Finish”: Replace with NIA Racing Rules Part II, F: “Finishing”
Add Appendix I: NIA Race Course Configurations (same as NIA Appendix I)
To be discussed and agreed during the business meeting: Should this text be copied from the NIA rules and pasted into the 4LIYC rules or should the affected sections of the 4LIYC rules be replaced with "Refer to NIA rule XXX"?

Tower of Babble

I'm posting from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany today waiting to hear where the DN Gold Cup and European Championship will be sailed. I'll post updates on the DN page and also on On The Road Page

Finish Positions for Last Saturday's Races Are Here

Regatta News

  • Northwest: Postponed until January 29-31, 2016. Check back January 24, 2016 for the next update.
  • ISA: Postponed until January 29-31, 2016. Check back January 24, 2016 for the next update. The Northwest takes precedence.
  • Renegade Championship: Postponed until January 29-31, 2016. Check back January 24, 2016 for the next update.
  • The Wisconsin Stern Steering Association regatta has been postponed to January 30 and 31. The next update will be Sunday, January 23. Check back here or call the Iceboat Hotline 608-204-9876.
  • Nite Nationals: Postponed.Official information here.

Kegonsa From a Cub

Thanks to Jeff Russell for uploading these photos of Saturday's Lake Kegonsa racing action.

Kegonsa & Cub

Quite a few DNs, 3 Skeeters, and some Renegades inauguarated the 4LIYC racing season today on Lake Kegonsa. The DNs and Renegades noted that the ice was rougher than it looked but the Skeeters didn't feel the rough vibes. Renegader Jeff Russell brought the yellow Cub today and we took her up for some picture taking. Stand by for those. Also, Renegaders, check out the photo of George Gerhardt's experimental runner attachment method. (He did put them on the right way and won a race today as did Tim McCormick.) With a forecast high of MINUS 2F tomorrow,4LIYC racing has been canceled.

The MARY B: Coming Home

The MARY B is a Class A Stern Steerer built by Frank Tetzlaff and Carl Bernard in 1947 for Madison electrical contractor, O.T. Havey. She won fifteen major regatta titles with Carl Bernard and then Jim Payton as skippers. She is an important part of Madison's history.
A group of 4LIYC members have formed a corporation (a separate entity from the 4LIYC for legal reasons) to raise funds to purchase her. Read more about the history of the MARY B and the efforts to bring her back to Madison here.
If there's enough ice, the MARY B will be exhibited at the Frozen Assets Festival at the Edgewater on Mendota the weekend of Friday, February 5th through Sunday February 7th, 2016.

No Headline Needed

Photo from Bojery Mazury Caligula, a blog where "we will be informing about ice-sailing conditions on our Masurian lakes" in Poland. There's a resort hotel on the lake with DNs and other iceboats available for rent. They just held a two day DN regatta there over the weekend with over 50 boats from all over Europe participating.

From Wisconsin Public Radio: "Winter Doesn't Stop Ice Boaters From Taking To Wisconsin Lakes"

"DN, Renegade, Nite, Skeeter, Stern Steerer, runner plank, tiller, light air, heavy air. Those words were not part of my regular vocabulary. Then I went ice boating. Ice boating requires many levels of patience. Just as surfers seek out the best waves and skiers love perfect powder, ice boaters crave decent wind and smooth, black, thick ice clear of snow. That's not always easy to find, especially during snowy winters. So ice boaters always have to be ready to go at a moment's notice to a sweet ice spot - a location that might be hours away." Click here to read rest of story or listen to audio.

Frankie Starts

Can't top videographer Mike Miller's explanation of 4LIYC DNer Frankie Hearn starting a race at the DN Western Region regatta on Green Lake at Spicer, MN.: "Oh to be young again! Frankie Hearn shows you how to start fast."

DN Western Regional Regatta Day 2: 33 Seconds


The DN Western Region Championship is in the books. Matt Struble put on an other worldly performance and took 7 bullets. Apparently sailing Moths and A Class Catamarans every day is good training for DN racing and vice versa. During one race, scorer Loretta Rehe timed a 33 second delta between Matt and the second place boat.

In the Silver Fleet, two 4LIYC sailors made the top two, Dave Elsmo and Frankie Hearn. The Silver fleet racing was close and exciting to watch. Stay tuned for more photos and video. Thanks to DN Western Region Commodore Mike Miller, PRO Dan Heaney, Fred Stritt, Loretta Rehe, Mercedes Auger, and all of you who pitched in to help make the regatta a success.

History of the Darling Mark

Thanks to Long Island iceboater Mike Acebo for sharing his club's newsletter with a story written by Warren R Darress Jr who witnessed the inception of the Darling Mark firsthand. He also writes about why it's a very bad idea to mix Skeeters and DNs on a race course. Read it here.

DN Western Regional Regatta Called on for Spicer, MN

"The 2016 Western Region Championship Regatta is called on for Green Lake at Spicer, MN." More information on the DN Forum. Watch for photos and reports on the DN Regatta page and live updates directly from the ice on On The Road.

NIYA & ISA Document Updates

Four updated regatta documents have been uploaded. Take a look:

Runner Tracks

Latest edition of the DN Class newsletter, Runner Tracks, is now available. Read it here.

TCB: ISA & NIYA Agenda Items for 2016 Annual Meetings

December 15th was the deadline for submission of agenda items for two regattas, the International Skeeter Association and the Northwestern Ice Yachting Association annual meetings

  • ISA Proposal from Skeeter Iceboat Club: Click here to read.
  • ISA Proposal from Windjammer Skeeter Association: "Schedule 3 races per class each day of the event, no throwouts. In the event of a missed race, that race/races will be made up after the normally scheduled races the following day. 3 Races constitutes a regatta. Maximum of 9 races total in the series. (Additional wording added.) If 3 races are complete during the 3 day event, No races will be started after 1p.m. on Sunday of the event. During the event, if make up races are necessary, the races will be run at the discretion of the race committee. Conditions and daylight may become a factor."
  • NIYA Proposal from SIBC: Click here to read.

"Think Ice Safely and Rules of the Road"

Go over and read this essay now by Lloyd Roberts on the Maine Iceboaters website about safety for racers and cruisers. This is the most comprehensive iceboating safety article ever written.

Photo: Peter Johanson

Catching Up From the Western Challenge

There are still sailors driving home from the first fun regatta of the season, the Western Challenge. Warren Nethercote's drive to Nova Scotia will take a few days; the Europeans will arrive home before he does!. Congratulations to JD (for not only winning by showing his light air mastery) and the rest of the Minnesota sailors for hosting a successful event. Results here. More to come later...

Another addition is Right-of-Way rule 8.a which states: “When yachts sailing ON-THE-WIND on opposite tacks are approaching a MARK, the PORT TACK yacht shall keep clear of the STARBOARD TACK yacht.” Click here to see all 9 animations.

Animated: Start, Darling Mark Course & New Weather Mark ROW Guide

4LIYC DNer Dave Elsmo (who is the Sailing Program Manager and Head Coach of the UW Hoofer Sailing Club) created 9 animations to help illustrate the recent changes made by the National Iceboat Authority. These animations cover properly starting, approaching marks on a darling mark course, finishing a darling mark course, and Right-of-Way rule 8.a. See Dave's informative work here.

National Iceboat Authority: Change Summary to 2015 Racing Rules

Last week, the National Iceboat Authority released a new version of the NIA Constitution & Racing Rules which includes two new race course configurations, the DARLING COURSE and INLINE COURSE which may be used as alternatives to the STANDARD COURSE we’ve been using for many years. (Click here to see last week's post.)Today, NIA board member, Tim McCormick has released a summary which briefly describes the changes which have been made to the NIA 2015 Racing Rules. Click here to read the summary.

National Iceboat Authority: Important Announcement

The National Iceboat Authority is happy to announce the release of a new version of the NIA Constitution & Racing Rules. (Click here to see new version.) This new version includes two new race course configurations called DARLING COURSE and INLINE COURSE which may be used as alternatives to the STANDARD COURSE we’ve been using for many years. This allows race committees to select a course which is most appropriate for their ice sailing event. The new racing rules also contain:

  • Updated definitions and clauses to support the use of the DARLING COURSE or INLINE COURSE.
  • Clarification on yachts which must keep clear while approaching the windward MARK on opposite TACKS.
  • Updated restrictions on propulsion.
  • A new rule which prohibits sailing between the LEEWARD MARK and the starting line immediately after the start.
Please feel free to contact any of the NIA Directors with questions or comments.
UPDATE 11-13-2015:NIA board member, Tim McCormick, has created a summary which briefly describes the changes which have been made to the NIA 2015 Racing Rules. Read his report here.

Previous posts from the 2015-2016 season here.